Below are helpful tools, resources and links to help you map your own career Pathway!

Games & Quizzes

Big Future website:

This website allows you to explore careers by taking a career quiz and various majors in college. It also helps students plan for college as you narrow areas of interest. In addition, this site allows you to join the community to interact with other students.

Dr. Joseph Hammer’s website through University of Kentucky:  

This website provides a very specific career quiz for those interested in the mental health field. By clicking on “Resources” at the top of the site, you may choose “How to Choose the Right Career”. Then, click on the link: “Mental Health Professions Career Test” –  to take the quiz and explore the many various ways to be involved in the mental health field to find what might be best for you.

A Day in the Life of a Social Worker video game: 

Developed by Dr. Megan Gandy, University of West Virginia. This site provides a game approach of discovering the daily duties of a social worker. A fun way to explore the field of social work in a game-like environment.

Scholarship Opportunities

Graduate students

Tennessee Behavioral Health Pathways Scholarship
For the first time, Tennessee is offering up to $30,000 in tuition aid for master’s degrees in behavioral health. Eligible students are now able to seek tuition assistance for Spring 2024 tuition and beyond. Apply now!

Undergraduate students

Check back soon!

Higher Ed Programs

Higher Education Websites:

This website provides information regarding financial assistance through TN state programs such as TN Promise, College for TN, TN Reconnect and TN Stars

Tennessee Higher Education Commission Website:

This website provides information about all Tennessee state colleges and universities as well as scholarships (TN Promise) and financial aid opportunities.  By clicking on the Academic Program Inventory link, you can search all majors in the state or programs available at each state university.

How to Become website:

Looking for information about various careers, college or training programs and even interview tips?  This website provides all of this and more!  By clicking on “Arts and Humanities” as a field, you may then choose the type of degree you are interested in pursuing (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc). By choosing a major of “Psychology and Counseling”, then choose a “focus in” area of your interest to search information on that very specific field.

What Can I do With this Major:  About – What Can I Do With This Major  

To explore multiple career paths and the majors that support them.

What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology: Undergraduate Education (

Career Exploration

Pathways Reflection Notebook. This pdf is a great resource to help you examine your interests and motivations that may guide you to your ideal career Pathway in behavioral health careers.

Map your own career Pathway using this PDF

Interested in learning more about the wide range of career opportunities in the field of social work?  Check out this website for education and licensure requirements for many of the roles in the world of social work:

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